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June 6, 2010
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Organ Reaper by Christopher-Stoll Organ Reaper by Christopher-Stoll
Imagine seeing the Organ Reaper's first victim slide down its gullet in twitches of movements and smothered screams for an easier death.
Watching paralyzed as the monster descends on you, squirming pregnant pink slimy insides pumping toxic blood through translucent veins.
Its mouth slipping open to swallow you whole, primordial poisons wafting from the dank cavernous tomb of the Reaper's body.
There is no escape, it cannot be outrun, or fought, or reasoned with. Your death is certain.
The monster lunges, hooked teeth dig deep into your fragile human form, ringing out clarity and carving out pain.
It's like falling upwards, slipping and gripping your way through its throat, deeper into the red and warm.

The experience that follows cannot be described, but I assure you that it takes far too long to die, poisonous senses stifle the brain, membranous tissue binds you, rancid acid saturates your skin as you struggle to breath. Helplessly you feel the first victim still weakly gasping, trying to scream, or perhaps he has given up crying for help and now only begs to be shat out quicker.

Trapped within the monster, your lungs sputter while gasping for something to say. Your body flickers, arching, and sobbing for home in the dark depths, entwined with the eternal frame of death while the creature draws precious strength from your coming lifelessness.


There is something fundamentally terrifying about being eaten.
An electric shock of fear that we so rarely experience, having long ago firmly established ourselves as pinnacle of the planet's food chain.
This pure primordial horror crops up occasionally, Shark attacks, a few choice monster movies, the creatures squirmed up from dark and stormy nightmares that dwell outside your bedroom window or wait under the bed (we never really outgrow our monsters, just learn to ignore them)

It is a fear forged from helplessness, striking right to the root of our animal psychology. The concept behind this creature sketch was founded in that fear, the fear of being consumed.
I wanted to design a monster that not only looked capable of consuming human prey, but relished the notion.

This officially kicks off my "drawing a day" project.

Check out the original sketch here

╚══`.¸.COMMISSIONS!!! *****************************************
***If you're lookin' for something amazing - I'm waiting for your ORDERS***
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shotgunandcookies Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
hashtag cannot unsee
zuboros Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Very resident evil, nice work. Looking at the design, it definitely has a lot of impact - was the use of human organs in a snake intentional? While it's not the focus it could be nice if the tail was some kind of paralyzing stinger, referring back to the toxicity of its blood.
rygami Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Kill. It. With. Holy. Fire
RedPoisonDragon Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
FlashOsamuFox Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd be fine with being nommed, but the teeth look sharp o.o also I'd like it to have a opaque underbelly so It wouldn't look weird
CaptainMorganMcLOL Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'd bring knife with me, carve that bugger like a turkey
DkarnDezolus Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's those eyes, those terrible yellow eyes. The squirming from inside it's belly the muffled screams. It's so deliciously terrifying. I really like the bone plates you have in front of the stomach, it just adds to the hopelessness that even if someone did come to rescue you, they could never cut through the armour in time to save you.

It's pure fear, it strikes when you feel invulnerable, safe, all warm in your bed, cooking in your kitchen. "Nothing could go wrong" "I'm human" "No one eat's people." Then it's there. Those ancient primal senses catch a glimpse of something. They know what's coming. You don't, consumed by your arrogance. Then you see it too, a white flash, from the corner of your eye, a red drop from the ceiling. You feel those terrible yellow eyes on you. You wipe it from your mind, you pull the covers over your head, you turn out the light as you climb the stairs. But something, deep in your primal mind tells you. "RUN! Don't look back, just run" Your heart rate increases. "Who's there?" You ask. Now you know it's not just you. A slithering, in the shadows. A black mass moving in the darkness. Then you catch sight of them. Two staring yellow eyes, coming closer. They don't blink, they don't move, they just keep coming closer. Your heart stops, too terrified to beat. It knows it's time has come. Your mind stands still. Your whole body stands at attention to this horrific predator, this thing that has invaded your most sacred abode. You show it, nothing but your full respect. You dare not even breathe. Then it reveals itself to you, it's bone white skin, and spiked spine, it's squirming belly, it's bloodied fangs. A great serpent, a reaper of souls. It's eyes are a dark abyss from which two yellow piercing orbs hold you in your place. It breathes death on your face, you don't realise it's tail has coiled around you. Death's embrace holds you tight, it's coils to you, as the claws of a lion to an antelope. You feel that ancient fear, that helplessness. You don't recognise it, you can't fight back, your claws are dull, your teeth are weak. Saliva drips on your once sacred temple, as this defiler holds it in place. The darkness does little to hide your tears, as the pink appendage escapes it's mouth and wraps your face, pulling you, finally, deep inside the cavern of flesh. You drop your plate, somewhat ironically the food you had seems unimportant now. Now the terror begins, your lungs erupt, your eyes burst their banks. Your tongue articulates unheard pleas as the sound of futility echoes from the monster's growling maw. Your mind knows it, your heart won't accept it, the conflict drives you mad "I won't be eaten, let me go, I'm not food, PLEASE!" A thousand different possibilities race through your mind, a thousand different outcomes to your futile life, your unstoppable fate. You see the circles of flesh open to accept your head, they suck you down, grabbing your once inviolate body, feeling all over. Your lungs regret their explosion as they gasp for breath, burning, rasping trying desperately just to breathe, once it was so simple a thing. You never thought about was a luxury, a luxury this monster would not afford you. You feel your shoulders and arms, once so strong. Something your prided yourself on. Now they were conquered by the ravenous maw of this great serpent. Your hands flex futilly, trying DESPERATELY to grab onto something, anything, the smallest thing. You know you can't escape. You're not grabbing for that. Right now, you're grabbing for hope, the monster would allow you this With glee you grab onto the sides of his jaws, leverage returns to your arms, all the strength that hope brings flows to you and SNAP. The jaws slam shut, despair defeats you as hope has poisoned you. The fangs pierce your lower body, giving the malicious creature a taste for your life fluid, your precious beautiful, ruby sanguine treasure. You can't even scream any more, trapped so tightly within it's violating gullet. Your bleeding lower body enters the damning cavern, blood coats the heartless organ that hurries your descent into darkness. So selfish is the mind of a trapped animal, that you don't consider all the countless hundreds you've devoured, or how many lives you've ruined. Only how many you've touched, how many you've helped. These things the monster can never have, though he holds claim to your young body, he can never have your sins, never have your good deeds, he is but a punishment, a reckoning. A leashed execution. Unfeeling, uncaring just absorbed by pure animal hunger and you are it's food. Primal and elegant in it's simplicity. Your kicking legs enter it's unforgiving maw, your bare feet kick, uselessly at the air, the beast is nearly finished it's meal. Then comes that sickening sound, that all condemning GULP, such a well known organic sound to you, something you thought was relegated to cartoons and silly kid's toys. A sound, like the descent of a judge's hammer, now deemed your guilt and sentenced you to death. Your crime? Weakness, arrogance, complacency. "I am human, I am one eat's humans?" "Do they?" You contemplate this as you lay in that acid bath, thick membranes keep you still, muscles pound you, mix you, churn you, crush you. The acids burn your flesh, rip it away in shreds and tear at your very soul as you cry and cry till you can cry no more, ultimately you do the unforgivable. You give in. The stomach contains you, takes you, strips you, eats you. There's nothing left, not of your pride, not of your body, not of the person you held so dear. You've vanished, all but forgotten save for your sins.
"I am human, I am human, I am one eats humans...right?" A wandering spirit recites these lines, this ponderous question over and over. Your souls is tormented by your most vivid, final torment. Those horrid eyes, those horrible unblinking yellow eyes.
"No one eat's they?"

Vorareaphilia, paraphillic obsession with being devoured alive. As someone whose psyche is VERY heavily influenced by this, paraphillic fascination. I mainly find this hot and inviting rather than terrifying but that's mainly because I'm screwed in the head xD. Sorry about the long comment your picture really inspired me so I figured I'd give it a tribute. :) This is a really amazing piece. :)
disgustingly awesome I could see people coming across it gawd damn its just a big angry snake again until it rears up organs pulsating, then holy fahking shit
it would make a good nasty in a videogame just saying
Tharshinaa Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I would love to see an animation of this creature. Can't even imagine how awesome that'll be. =)
Darkartist82 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa....that description............ just whoa D:
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