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Denizens of the Dreaming by Christopher-Stoll Denizens of the Dreaming by Christopher-Stoll
Legends tell of fey who dwell in the dank canyon valleys of forgotten dream; fairy-folk that can shift their shape like water, snatch infants from their cribs before vanishing into shadow, or bend nature's might to their mysterious wills. These creatures, though rarely glimpsed, grip the reigns of the world. The enigma of their very being has never before been unraveled, that is... until this book...

From Left to Right:
Crimbil Dark goblin-like fey that use cover of night to replace mortal children with squalling lumps of changeling flesh that eventually grow to maturity in place of the stolen infant. They are stealthy and cunning, seldom seen but always capable

Glimmerkin - An enigmatic species even among the Fey, these insectoid creatures are rarely encountered, spending much of their time hibernating deep within membranous cocoons spun for mysterious purpose. When not encased in meditative trances, they act as wandering wizards or scholars, often appearing troubled as they glide silently through the world.

Changeling- These mercurial being are the essence of the Dreaming, tumbling through an endless shifting chaos of form. In their eternal dissatisfaction of form and feeling they wander the world, causing mischief and harm wherever they venture.

BriarBorn -Tree-like humanoids that are birthed from the very essence of the Earth, a collective intelligence dedicated to the protection of nature.

Sylfaen- A created race, generated by the Fey to act as soldiers and protectors. They are not automatons, possessing instead a powerful will of their own that is augmented by the honor-bound need to protect their home. As for those unfortunate souls that they deem enemies or trespassers they will often carry out their own form of grisly justice, seemingly without remorse, reservation, or compassion.
These are a series of creature design for TPK Games. and their upcoming Denizens of the Dreaming book release!

If you are into the roleplaying scene you should definitely check them out!! They offer a great series of supplementals for campaigns, as well as some other goodies.
The book with feature the imaginative writings of Brian Berg as well as creative contributions rest of TPK's creative team, including art by yours-truly!

The book will be released in the next couple of weeks, so please take the time to stop by their website and see what they have to offer!

All rights belong to TPK Games, please do not copy, distribute, or sell without permission. Or steal my dog...

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keren-or Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful and creative. Liked the story.
Theta67 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Second one is excellent. :)
Christopher-Stoll Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
You should see the full-sized version :P
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