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April 19, 2013
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Cobbled Totem by Christopher-Stoll Cobbled Totem by Christopher-Stoll
The Selesnya Conclave is an ostensibly benevolent collective that sees itself as the voice of nature. Evangelical in nature, the conclave desires to grow and expand by forcing its members to gradually silence their own consciousness in order to hear siren call of their thrumming hive-mind.
In combat Selesnya calls nature's terrible might to their aid, and in no case is this more apparent than their powerful totem creatures. Enchanted artifacts become a source of potent animation for soil and trees, imbuing ordinary surroundings with supernatural strength and intent. These shambling creations bow to the world-soul and wield their terrible might in service of the conclave. Difficult to destroy and impossible to reason with, these totems are as ancient and pitiless as soil they rise from.

"The other guilds have poisoned our world, scorched the soil, and stripped all they can from mother nature. You are right to be angry my brothers, but there is no need to take up arms. The earth can fight for itself."
-Delara Rae, Selesnya Missionary

An additional piece of conceptual Magic the Gathering creature fanart. This time it's in anticipation of the upcoming MTG Dragon's Maze Pre-release!

Leading up to the last big event I submitted a new creature inspired by a Guild from Magic the Gathering's every week for 4 weeks. There are 10 guilds in all, and I'd love to eventually do a piece for each.
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This week is Selesnya. Please let me know what you think! Comments are always appreciated!
All rights belong to Wizards of the Coast, this is a work of fan art only and was not intended for publication or commercial gain.

Card Rules cost: white (2) green (2) colorless (2)
Cobbled Totem 4/4
When this creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, if it was not a token, put a token on the battlefield under its owner's control that is a copy of Cobbled Totem.

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In the vein of of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Lord of the Rings. Vantage is my brand new original graphic novel written and drawn almost entirely from the first-person perspective. Casting you as the protagonist navigating a surreal fantasy world at war between the forces of Chaos and Control.