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Alien Conceptuals by Christopher-Stoll Alien Conceptuals by Christopher-Stoll
As it stands, our sun is an unremarkable addition to the billions of other stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of other galaxies of equal size, populating a universe so vast that it defies human comprehension. Mankind is a recent and unimportant occurrence in this vast existence, and it would be a pointless exercise in pretentiousness to assume we are alone.
One day we are getting off this rock, and we are going to discover untapped worlds to explore and colonize. I'm afraid that I might not be alive to see it, but I can dream... and I can draw. :)

I raided my sketchbook to find these pictures and the information below is gathered together from half-legible scribbles done with the drawings, 5 alien designs from way back that I stuck together to account for their scale relative to a human soldier.
Some of these doodles are from years ago... Let's take a look.

Top Right- An adult Redulkan male. These slow moving omnivores are the apex predators on their tiny moon. They alternate between carnivorous and herbivorous activity based on seasonal changes. Feasting on abundant plantlife during the planet's watery winter, and living the life of a herd-dwelling lumbering leaf eater. When the planet's climate shifts with the violent summer most sources of water disappear, plants die out, and Redulk herds disperse. It becomes "every man for themselves" as they adopt carnivorous even cannibalistic tendencies to survive the harsh climate. Also triggered by seasonal change are a number of noticeable physiological changes, including a significant lengthening of the teeth, elongation of the jaws, and loss of body hair. Every year on their planet (approximately 7 Earth Years) the Redulkan population is obliterated during the summer as they consume and kill each other to survive, and then increases drastically in the cooler months.
These creatures can be approached for study during the winter as they live out their placid lives in large herds, however a Redulk in predatory mode will always attempt to attack and consume an approaching human. Treat them as two distinct species, and be prepared.

Mid Left- The Enkirid are a species of aquatic, pentapodal (five limbed), crustacean-like sentient aliens, that exist in large numbers on numerous worlds in both fresh and salt water.
A cursory study of their physiology indicates that they evolved from a species not dissimilar to Earth shellfish. They carry overlapping armored plates on their back designed to repel attacks from large aquatic predators and house delicate internal organs, underneath the shell is soft flesh supported by tightly woven muscle clusters instead of bones. The Enkirid are true invertebrates, with no skull or definitive brain stem. Instead nerve clusters spread throughout the body relay physical sensation and thought processes, acting much like the structural interactions commonly seen in Human or other sentient brains.
When threatened an Enkirid can curl into their shell, leaving only their eyes and three lower legs exposed to skuttle away to safety.
The Enrkid are far larger than most sentient species, standing at nearly 8 meters tall. Their relatively large stature is a result of their aquatic development, and the abundance of available food in their ocean habitat.

Middle Right- A Dividiean Wyrm. A mysterious skyscraper long aquatic predator that dwells in the deep subterrainian caverns of their watery world. Recent orbital scans of their home planet Pandriki have indicated that water penetrates throughout the planet's interior in a honeycomb-like network of subterranean rivers, channels, and seas.
So far no expedition has ventured into the labyrinthian system of seas and waterways that begin on Pandriki's surface and permeate deep into its core. Despite much scientific speculation, it has been deemed too dangerous for a manned mission to attempt to traverse the deeper passageways, there are dangerous currents, cave ins, and aggressive carnivores that could easily destroy small ships.
Despite the lack of hands on exploration, we do know that a multitude of creatures have adapted to this mysterious world. Many species have bioluminescent patterns or patches on their skin, which helps them to identify themselves to others, travel safely in the dark, and attract prey. Others have advance senses to help them navigate the treacherous deep. Most remain unknown, it is doubtful that we have discovered even a small portion of the incredible species that occupy this dark forbidding terrain, one hopes for more research in the near future.

Bottom Left- The Delvisin are sentient arthropods from a frigid world on the outer edge of a dying sun. They are an extremely ancient race, having erected and lost innumerable civilizations in the past several hundred thousand years. They are blind, navigating with a powerful sense of infared. They are so sensitive to heat that they can discern color based on the degree of reflected heat coming from a surface.
They choose to shun contact with humans and most other sentient races in part because their culture and physiology are vastly incompatible with other intelligent species, making intellectual reference points difficult to establish.
Because of their sensitivity to heat, mammals and other endothermic life forms are physically offensive to them much like a powerful smell would be to a human.

Bottom Middle- A swift land predator that terrorizes convoys and mining facilities across the western continent of mankind's industrial World of New-Bankok. The creature is rarely seen, but aggressively attempts to demolish and disrupt human mining activities. This raptor-like carnivore is shrouded in mystery, and so far a live specimen has never been captured.
However autopsy reports indicate that the ratio of brain mass to body weight of these creatures supports high order of cerebral activity, pattern recognition, and even social skills.
Suggestion that this species may be actively pursuing the removal of humans from their native environment are highly disputed. Yet every year the environment of New-Bankok deteriorates further and the attacks escalate in ferocity and frequency.

If you have read this far congratulations :D I won't make your house catch on fire!
All of these sketches were either done for, or adapted to suite the fiction project...
Check it out here
and don't forget to take a look at the wikia page! It's on its way to becoming something amazing :D

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LeonopteryxDragon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice....however, the fact that the creatures are sapient isn't very evident. they look more like wildlife, but still very nice. good job.
Director1265 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
The Devisins are my favorite, simply because they are the most bizarre, yet everything on this picture makes this collection of aliens impressive as a whole. And I totally agree with you 100% about our solar system being only one of billions in the Universe with intelligent life.
Corpse-Pirate Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010
I love how the Delvisin functions, it truly seems alien compared to the others.
AusDaw Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
hey nice job on the drawings, but i really enjoy the lower left one, its the one that looks like a spider kind of, its sweet, anyways could you draw me something like that, it can be a rough sketch, but i need an idea for a game im thinking about, so could you draw something like that, make it look tough and scary, it will be a alien animal, ok, thanks !!!!
Christopher-Stoll Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
yea, no prob :)
AusDaw Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
cool when your done with it send the picture to me thanks thanks thanks!!!
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
very nice drawings, also is it just me or do I see a combine soldier on the bottom right
Christopher-Stoll Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
good eye ;)
ridleysghost Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
thanks :) I'm with the group too, like your race
Ralokone Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010

i didnt think enkirid were so frekin huge

i gorot what a meter was

gave me a heart attack

hmmmmmmm, ust come up with a unique solution that will allow them to interact harmlessly with the other races of the project 1 universe

maybe only the youths interact hmmmmmmm?

maybe they use surrogates?

(the first solution sounds less terrifying)
Ralokone Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
i gorot

how can i gorot THATS NOT EVEN A WORD
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